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Legal Information & Disclaimer

Webmaster & Betreiber dieser Website
ist Elfriede Mittag, Nollstr. 44, 53506 Rech, Germany.

Author & Owner
Wolf Mittag (www.WolfMittag.com)
is the author of, and owner of all rights to, the computer software and websites
- 'DARGHUL' (Link will open in new window.www.DARGHUL.com) (fantasy role playing game),
- 'Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome' (Link will open in new window.www.Teudogar.com) (historical role playing game),
- Link will open in new window.Germanen-und-Roemer.de,
- www.WolfMittag.com, Link will open in new window.www.wmittag.com, Link will open in new window.www.wmittag.de,
- 'DARGHUL' (for MSDOS),
and of several other computer programs and writings.
As author and owner of the above mentioned software, writings, and web sites, Wolf Mittag is responsible for their content.

Utmost care was exercised in researching and creating the contents of the author's software, websites and other writings. However, the author cannot assume liability for the accuracy of any information contained in his software, websites and other writings.
The opinions presented in the author's software, web sites and other writings are offered as only that.
The author has no control over any external sites that his websites may link to, and he is not liable for any content held on any external sites. (If you find any site to be inappropriate, please contact us - thank you!)
All brand names and trade marks mentioned on the author's web sites and in the author's software and other writings are the property of their respective holders and are mentioned for descriptive purposes only.

The software 'DARGHUL', 'Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome', and Wolf Mittag's other software, websites, and writings are Copyright © 2018 by Wolf Mittag (all rights reserved), and are protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
The author, Wolf Mittag (www.WolfMittag.com), owns and retains all rights, titles and interest in and to his software, websites, and writings, and all of their components, including all source code, text and graphics.

Free Distribution of Demo Versions
You may freely distribute
- the installer files containing free Demo/Trial Versions of the author's software (http://www.wolfmittag.com/dn/teud/tdogr102.exe),
- and the screenshots of the author's software (http://www.teudogar.com/scr00.htm),
- and the PAD information files describing the author's software (http://www.teudogar.com/teudogar.xml),
in any way you see fit (especially via web sites, or software compilations on CD/DVD, or print magazines, or by simply linking to these files),
AS LONG AS these files are not modified in any way.
You are free to use the text and information contained in the PAD information files (http://www.teudogar.com/teudogar.xml) in any way you see fit.

No Other Distribution
Otherwise, no part of the author's software, websites and writings may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without prior written permission from the author. Any usage of the author's writings in form of translation, microfilming, feed-in and processing in electronic systems as well as publication in electronic media and networks such as the Internet is prohibited without prior written permission from the author.
Of course you may NOT distribute in any way, nor make available for downloading, any Full Versions of the author's software. (If you discover any incidents of piracy, please inform us - thank you!)

- German tax authorities: Steuer-Nr.: 01/551/0688/0. Keine Umsatz-Steuer-Nr. (Kleinunternehmer §19/1 UstG).
- GEMA, A.K.M., SUISA: All sound effects and music tracks used in the author's products are free of any rights or title by these or similar organizations.

The author cannot be reached by telephone. If you'd like to contact him, please use the Contact Form on this site.

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